mixture of rescue + poa in variety

Hybrid of  Microtherm, it creates a  lawn of incomparable beauty thanks to its intense brilliant green color standing out for its density, consistency and leaves thinness. It is perfect for sport grounds, parks, private gardens,  public areas and every space useable all year long.


  • Excellent resistance to foot traffic
  • Intense green foliage weaving all year long
  • Summer grass cutting every 10/15 days
  • Winter grass cutting every 25/35 days
  • Excellent resistance to saltwater
  • Discrete resistance to water scarcity



paspalum vaginatum


Hybrid of Macrotherm, it produces a high quality lawn.  This is the most adaptable to whatever kind of soil especially to the sandy ones.
On summer it turns into a stunning emerald green color; on winter, when temperature reaches + 5°, it stops growing losing its particular color. It extends itself thanks to root stocks and stolons with fast growth.

  • Excellent resistance to foot traffic
  • Emerald  green foliage weaving
  • Remarkable resistance to water scarcity
  • Summer grass cutting every 20/30 days
  • No winter grass cutting
  • High endurance to saltwater
  • Fair resistance to shadow
  • It is ideal for coastal areas, it outlives until foreshore very well